R160 pp  for 1.5 hours of play- minimum 12 players

R250 pp for 2.5 hours of play – minimum 12 players

The total duration of the party, which includes gathering all players together, pre-game briefing, team selection, play-time, party sing-a-long and winding down is roughly two and a half hours but groups are welcome to relax and stay longer if they wish to do so.

Please see the game play-times below. The game slots below are indicative of actual play time on the field, however you are encouraged to arrive half an hour early and leave half an hour after the games have ended.

09h30 till 11h00

10h30 till 12h00
11h30 till 13h00

12h30 till 14h00
13h30 till 15h00

14h30 till 16h00
15h30 till 17h00

Please bring along your own catering for the party and we will arrange a table for you, if required.


Please ensure that you meet all the players at least 15 to 20 minutes before the party is due to start so that playing can begin promptly. On arrival, you will receive a full ‘briefing’ on the lasertag system and shown how the equipment works and then sent out on your mission to challenge the enemy.

Each game starts anew from the rest camp where you refuel on lives and ammunition before going out for the next round.

If you are celebrating a children’s birthday, then time will be allowed at the end for candles and cake.